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With the growth in online opportunities and digital-first talent in the field of health and fitness, there is a need for a development/management offering that helps content creators develop and grow their skills, personal brand and business in a new and exciting way.

We are experts in the world of fitness and are perfectly placed to help guide, support and develop talent in the health and fitness industry.

Our co-founders have over 30 years combined experience in the industry and our experienced in-house team specialises in content creation, video production social media marketing and management, growth strategy and brand creation, making us the perfect machine to help the talent we work with grow their following, personal brand and create new and exciting revenue streams through brand collaborations and product creation.

If you’re a fitness professional, health and fitness content creator or budding influencer who wants to develop their career then let’s have a chat about how we can work together to unlock your full potential and develop your passion into a super-successful brand and business.

For Talent Development enquires contact [email protected].


Video continues to be the most effective tool for marketing and brand awareness and we believe every brand and business should invest in video production. From show stopping show reels, to customer testimonials, exciting social media content, impressive promotional work and so much more, we plan, shoot, edit and deliver exceptional video content at the highest quality.

We will plan from start to finish how the video will be executed, whether its content we have shot ourselves or raw video footage for editing, your vision will be brought to life. We use top of the range camera equipment, shooting all video in 4k and use gold standard editing software to produce videos that won't be forgotten. Our in house team is ready to take your ideas from concept to completion.

We have produced video work for many high profile celebrities and influencers to promote, sell and bring their brand to life, and the results speak for themselves! We have delivered exceptional videos that have directly led to sales of their products. Click our portfolio tab to see an impressive list of names and more details on what we delivered for them.

Engaging content will keep your brand at the forefront of your industry and we believe video is the way forward, visual storytelling is what makes you memorable. We draft a detailed shoot plan, so every shot is captured with purpose to ensure we maximise every minute of every shoot. We will direct the shoot from start to finish as well as do extensive research on shoot locations to find the perfect place to deliver the best visuals.

If yourself or your team doesn't have the time or skills to produce and edit top quality videos, allow us at Powah to help. From youtube videos, promotional videos, advertisement videos and everything else, we can deliver exactly what you need.


We are here to take the hassle out of looking after your social media accounts. From A-Z we look after it all, managing comments and messages, uploads, copywriting, you name it and we have it covered for you.

Social Media Management is a big job and we understand some businesses don't have the time or training to make their social accounts reach their full potential and ensure their social media objectives are reached.

Managing your social media requires a clear content strategy, consistency and lots of creativity. Using your social media insights, we will optimise all of your social media content to ensure optimal engagement is attracted to each post or piece of content. Whether we use assets provided by yourself, new photography/video or custom-made graphics, all content will be approved by yourself with plenty of time to account for feedback and changes. We do the hard work but all final decisions are still in your hands.

We will be on immediate response for all customer queries and questions, create meaningful conversation in the comments with your customers and enable your following to grow organically as we understand ads aren't within every businesses budget, but that does not mean your brand can't grow!

We will engage in conversations with influencers who would be influential for your brand and start building relationships with people within your industry to help increase your exposure. We will offer clear analytic reports of how well posts have performed to allow us to continue to improve the content produced for your brand. Investigating impressions, engagements and links clicked we will be able to use well performing content as a guideline for the future.

We’re here to assemble the perfect social media management strategy to both meet and exceed your needs and goals. A strategy that engages, converts and informs your audience.


Social media is at the centre of everything we do these days, so perfecting your online presence is crucial to building your brand online, with content forming a key part of any integrated marketing strategy. We are here to create content with purpose for you to share on your social media channels.

Tailoring content to different platforms is super important. We will be able to establish which channels will be most effective to publish content on and be able to tailor graphics, videos, email marketing, blogs, social ads and images to suit each channel specifically.

Using your brand guidelines, every piece of content created will be unique to you and your brand, ensuring a cohesive look across all of your channels. We take the headache out of your content creation and make the upkeep of all your accounts stress free. We make sure your content is engaging your audience enough to convert them into paying customers.

You talk and we listen. Understanding your brand's objectives and target audience is at the centre of all of our content creation, to guarantee we're conveying the right message to the right audience. We do hours of research to make sure we get your tone of voice just right, so that all content is authentic and true to you as a brand.

Maybe your internal team does not have capacity to manage your social media platforms or perhaps you need a helping hand and some guidance from our in-house experts, whatever it may be, using our knowledge and expertise we have the power to turn your business into a memorable brand name by creating exceptional content.

We have been creating content and copy for accounts with followers of over 1 million people for several years and believe in our abilities to deliver better engagement, increased following and follower credibility and to turn your audience into paying customers.


We don’t just design, we create business changing solutions. Your story is our creation and your branding and design is what makes you stand out from the rest. People remember high quality branding, and visuals always make a mark over the written word.

Our in-house team has an incredible eye for detail and are experts in producing stunning design work, from the way colours complement each other, to the way lines flow and curve in your logo, right down to the basics of typography, ensuring we create a meaningful, recognisable and respectable brand.

We keep your ideas, values and vision at the core of all of our design work so you can be sure that your new branding and design will authentically reflect you and your brand.

Behind all the design work we will do an extensive competitor analysis and audience research and see what currently works and doesn't work within your industry and what your target audience currently interacts with, this will allow us to produce the best eye-catching design and shape a brand that’s sure to last.

We’ve worked with high profile celebrities and influencers to create the perfect branding for them. Whether you require a full rebrand, business cards, brand guidelines, social media templates, merchandise, a new logo, or anything in between, you name it and Powah can elevate the visual language of your brand to be top in the game.

If you have current branding that needs a refresh or whether you want a completely new identity, from start to finish you will see your ideas come to life, after all it is YOUR brand, not ours. Your opinion is what matters most to us.

We've created brands and design work for TOWIE’S Amber Turner, Strictly Come Dancing’s Amy Dowden, Love Island’s Nathan Massey, World Champion Boxer Tony Bellew and so many more, which you can check out in our portfolio.