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  • Karen Hauer



Having already become popular on Instagram and YouTube for her inspiring fitness posts, and receiving countless messages from her fans and followers asking for health and fitness advice, professional dancer and Strictly Coming Dancing Pro, Karen was keen to create a fitness plan that encouraged people to fall in love with fitness, to benefit both their mind and body, through a fusion of bodyweight training and dance.

After discussing initial ideas with Karen, we talked through what she wanted to achieve and what the brand’s values would be, as well as her thoughts and vision for how the brand would look. Our experienced and time-efficient team went on develop and create:- Brand guidelines- Fitness plan based on Karen’s own workouts- Promotional video content- Website- Downloadable PDF- Workout videos, In addition, using our in-house, expert fitness knowledge, and working alongside Karen, we developed a home-based fitness plan that suited the needs of Karen’s followers and fused traditional exercise with elements of dance.

We also created a clear social media plan which was implemented in the run-up to launch, whereby we made high-quality video content for Instagram and worked collaboratively with Karen to write captions and identify the optimal times to publish the posts. Upon launch, we handled any customer support and questions via email and on social media on Karen’s behalf.

The whole process allowed Karen to have her own online fitness brand, a hugely successful launch and support her customers post-purchase without any of the headache or disruption to her busy schedule. The plan has been extremely well received and has sold in the UK, Europe and the US. As a result of the success of the first plan, we have since successfully created a second plan.


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