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When you live in a world where everyone is engrossed in their online life and the world of social media, the line between what’s real and what’s not becomes blurred.

When it comes to building a brand or business online it’s especially important to be realistic about what your goals are and what timeframe you’re going to give yourself to achieve those goals. Is what you’re hoping to accomplish feasible in the time you’ve given yourself to do so?

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You have to remember that most people (not all) put on a show on social media, including brands, and they will show you only what they want you to see. No one is going to show you the 100-hour working weeks they’ve worked just to make sure their next product launch goes exactly as planned. 

No one is going to show you the money they’ve lost through trial and error in order to try and get something perfect, and they definitely won’t show you any flaws, setbacks and bumps in the road they’ve experienced along the way.

Make sure you’re putting a good amount of your time into research. Prepare for the failures and for the successes, this is what will set you up for greatness. As a business you expect things to not always go your way, although it would be great to have everything run super smoothly, it doesn’t always work out like that, and that’s okay. We live and we learn and that’s the most important thing.

It is always important to recognise that sometimes what we expect to happen might not be the reality of what happens. When we talk about expectations vs reality, we don’t mean an unprepared Instagram picture against a posed one, we’re talking about business. 

Use your past mistakes and successes to help you prepare your business for what’s next to come. At Powah we are constantly analysing what performs well and what doesn’t and we use this to better every single launch going forward. It can be things as little as the day a plan launches, if we see better results when it launches on a Friday compared to a Tuesday then of course we use that information to better our launches in the future. Be smart and analyse every little aspect to your business/brand and use it to better yourselves.

Focus on yourself and what your brand/business is achieving not what it appears everyone else is doing, because like we said earlier, what people show online is just a highlight reel, the hard work all goes on behind closed doors. Put the graft in, keep an eye on your progression and let your success speak for itself.