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Ensuring you stand out amongst your competitors is essential to your businesses growth, but how do you do it?

Most people would argue that fitness is an overly saturated market, that there’s something for everyone and that standing out amongst competitors must be near impossible. So how do we do it?

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Use your knowledge. Show off your expertise without bragging of course. If you’re able to show those searching for a product or service that you provide, that you can offer them top level service then hopefully you’ll be lucky enough to secure that customer. Remind yourself that you're the expert and be confident in your abilities, and definitely don’t be afraid to compare yourself to your competitors, this is where you will grow and be able to pinpoint values that set you apart from them.

Show that there are real people behind the brand. At Powah we take a very friendly approach towards all of our clients, we are just as excited to build their brand and collaborate with them as they are with us, which is why we think our work is so successful. We don’t just build a brand for our clients but we build a relationship. Relationships with your clients are key to climbing up the ladder in business, and building an emotional relationship over simply making a business deal is very important for us at Powah.

Finding your niche is the best way you can differentiate yourself from your we know this often isn’t the easiest of tasks but we promise this is what will make you stand out. If you can offer something with great value behind it, all whilst it being something no one else on the market currently provides, you’re on to a winner.

We offer unique, bespoke, and tailored fitness plans for every client we work with and no two plans are the same. From the branding; this includes logos, fonts and brand guidelines; to the plan itself, the way it's written and how the exercise plan is put together, all the way to the social media strategy and how we will promote the plan for the client across their social platforms. From start to finish, everything is thought about and taken care of. 

We make sure we go above and beyond what is expected. This is how we stand out. How you choose to stand out from the rest will be different from every brand and business out there, so unfortunately that’s something you have to figure out yourself! But we hope we have given you some tips and guidance to finding the right path and getting yourself where you want to be. Start taking those steps sooner rather than later, establishing yourself and putting your brand/business out there is a marathon not a sprint, it takes time but it will be worth it. 

Once you’re out there and known for what you do, how you do it and the value at which you deliver it, there will be no stopping the influx of people queuing up requiring your services. Patience is key, and if you’re in it for the right reasons and the right reasons only, and hold the right mindset and ambitions, you will get your brand or business to where you want it to be. The top.