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What We Do For You

Powah is the only full-service management company that helps sport and fitness related influencers capitalise on their reach. Over the years the Powah team have witnessed and learnt firsthand how to best help high-profile people maximise their earning potential as the perfect machine behind an influencer’s brand.

Powah takes the headache away from you whilst remaining transparent at all times to provide you with a total stress-free proven service.

Powah helps Tony Bellew launch official merchandise

About Powah

How It Works So Well

You have influence. You have reach. Your network wants to buy your branded products. Powah has the infrastructure to build your website, design your merchandise, take care of supply and distribution and manage your customer service.

There are no fees to you. You do not have to hold stock. You do not have to invest any money. Powah takes care of it all, building your website, designing merchandise. managing staff, stock and distribution. Powah pays you.

Powah helps Montana Rose Brand launch fitness plan

About Powah

Pursuit Of Wealth And Happiness

Before Powah became the machine behind Amir Khan’s AK merchandise, Amir had to buy and hold large quantities of stock and his team were spending some of their precious time dealing with website developers and designers.

Powah now manages AK merchandise efficiently and profitably, giving Amir and his team more time and complete peace of mind. If you are someone of influence, Powah provides you with the infrastructure and expertise for your operation.

Powah helps Amir Khan with new website, merchandise and commercial management

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Meet Your Team

Powah’s founding directors united after working together for several years on various projects. They proved to each other time and again their equivalence in work ethic, honesty, skill, real-deal connections and the important ability to make talk reality.

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Powah’s core is the sport, health and fitness industry with vast experience working with celebrities and athletes. The Powah teams key skills are sought after for website building, digital marketing and design.